Cougar agrees build partnership with Griffon Hoverworks

Griffon Hoverwork and Cougar Powerboats have formed a new business relationship. Griffon-Cougar is a British brand offering very fast monohull and catamaran boats to the military and para-military market worldwide.

The alliance brings together two specialist marine based companies amalgamating the well-proven, tried and tested design and manufacturing capabilities existing in both organisations:

 • Griffon Hoverwork whose thoroughly established expertise is founded in the design and manufacture of best in class hovercraft, and;

Cougar Powerboats  who have an unequalled heritage in the development of record breaking race boats of all types - up to and including the Class 1 World Offshore Powerboat championship.

Cougar Powerboats brings the experience from achieving excellence in the Class One World Offshore Powerboat Championship circuit, tested and developed through the rigours of competing in the extremes of speeds in excess of 150 knots. Griffon Hoverwork brings the manufacturing, project management and product support capability from being the world leader in the design, development and operation of hovercraft. 

Griffon-Cougar has proven capability with unparalleled heritage in the innovation and evolution of light weight structures, propulsion system engineering and through life support, bringing a wealth of experience and expertises in design, manufacture and engineering.

The use of reliable components, proven systems, current thinking and associated technology ensures Griffon-Cougar is focused on offering high quality proven designs thus lasting longer than cheaper competitors. 

Griffon-Cougar builds in the UK with an experienced team and prides themselves on delivering on time and to budget to expert operators throughout the globe.