Patrol Craft

Enforcer R10/11 RibR10/11 Enforcer Rib
  • 10.00 to 11.00m
  • 3.00m
  • 3500kg
  • 900 l
  • 800HP
  • n/a

The  Cougar R10/R11Enforcers are a modern, ultra-fast craft of a 25° deep V twin stepped, monohull design specifically intended for roles in surveillance and interceptor duties. Available in 10 and 11 metre configurations with options of enclosed or open cockpit available.

The proven hull has been developed over three decades of experience and features outstanding sea keeping capabilities combined with low resistance figures, giving maximum performance in extreme weather conditions whilst offering the crew a high level of shock mitigation and ride comfort. The crafts composite construction features glass and aramid fibre cloths with a high performance vinylester resin.

The R10/R11Enforcers are available in a number of engine configurations from twin diesel engines to twin outboards for maximum performance  

This rugged, reliable and cost effective craft has been specially designed to carry out search and rescue operations, prevention of illegal activities, patrol, fast interception and working in a defence role in emergency situations.

Each R10/R11Enforcer has its layout and specification designed around a client’s operational requirements; the open layout make this craft extremely versatile for many operational duties & easy to maintain.

With the tubes deflated these craft can be legally trailered in most countries without the need of specialised haulage equipment.