US1 38US1 38
  • 11.58 metres
  • 2.72 metres
  • 4500Kgs
  • 682 litres
  • 1800hp
  • Offshore B

The Cougar US138 is one of the companies most successful designs and is a true blue water performance boat. The Cougar US138 is built to be used, a fully appointed cabin has overnight accommodation of the highest order.

Utilising their extensive knowledge from years of designing and building high specification, high technology, high performance offshore boats the US138 offers viceless handling in any sea condition and the classic lines that turn heads in every harbour you enter.

Look below it and the engineering and materials employed are the same as used

Like all Cougar’s now days the US138 is only built to order allowing us to build a fully personalised vessel of your dreams

Make any comparison the Cougar US138 is in a league of its own, peerless and perfect, a performance boat with a true heritage, try it and nothing else will do …. Except perhaps another